Capron: Son bullied due to role as Coronation Street baddie

By Rick Fulton
As Brian Capron’s career soared playing Britain’s best ever soap baddie, so his son became the victim of more and more bullying.

It became so bad the actor, who played Coronation Street’s Richard Hillman, had to take his youngest child out of school.

Six years later, the family are back on track although Brian admits it was a terrible time and reveals Louis, now 13, still has to deal with the ghost of Weatherfield’s greatest villain.

Speaking for the first time about the traumatic time, Brian said: “I have a normal family life again but what your family go through is very upsetting when you reach that level of fame.

“My little boy was bullied at school and we had to move him from his state school to a private school.

“They used to call him Louis Hillman and say, ‘your dad is a murderer’.
“No matter how many times I went into school and tried to be Mr Normal Dad, nothing changed.

“Being on the telly causes jealousy. They think because you are on TV you are rich and well off, which I’m not.

“He was picked on all the time because he stood out.
“He’s had a terrible time.”

Brian admits Louis is still seen as Richard Hillman’s son but thankfully he’s making a name for himself. Full story.

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