McNabb Middle School basketball players allege sexual assault

ABC 36 News
Montgomery County, Kentucky — In Montgomery County, a group of McNabb Middle School basketball players are back on the court after being suspended for three games for hazing younger players. Some parents think the punishment was not severe enough.

“No one should have to go through anything like this especially a 12 year old child. All they wanted to do was play basketball. They didn’t expect anything like this to happen,” 6th grade parent, Chandra Davis, said.

Davis is furious the players responsible for hazing her son are being allowed back on the team.

“Some of the 7th grade boys had gotten some of the 6th grade basketball team in the locker room and they were taking Gatorade bottles and sticking them up the behinds of the 6th graders,” Davis said.

Superintendent Dr. Daniel Freeman says when the school first found out about it last Wednesday they immediately canceled practice for the following night to investigate

“It started out as good natured fun but it got a little too rough, “Dr. Freeman said.

The boys will also be facing juvenile assault charges. Full story.


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