Massachusetts legislators hear appeals for anti-bullying law

Cape Cod Times
BOSTON — A Cape Cod mother made a tearful plea to state legislators yesterday to pass one of a dozen bills addressing school bullying, saying the state must step in to assure schools do their job in protecting students from mental and physical anguish.

“I felt my son needed to be protected. The bullying completely disrupted his ability to feel safe in a learning environment,” said Theresa Jackson, a Forestdale resident and mother of a 13-year-old boy with autism spectrum disorder.
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North Carolina law spurs school system to beef-up bullying policy

By Mike Wilder
BURLINGTON, N.C. — A new state law means the Alamance-Burlington School System will change its policy against harassment and bullying.

The change means the policy will prohibit bullying based on sexual orientation, along with other characteristics, such as race, religion, sex and physical appearance.
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Richmond Co., Georgia officials tout anti-bully policy

By Preston Sparks
Augusta Chronicle
AUGUSTA, Georgia — Legislation enacted a decade ago banning bullying in schools has gone a long way to protect students, Richmond County school officials say.

“We have found that the attention to the problem of bullying that occurred with the passage of the legislation has helped to reduce incidences of bullying and to encourage agencies to provide support to teachers and schools,” said Dr. Carol Rountree, the county’s director of student services. “We feel that it is not the punishment, but the opportunity to address underlying causes of aggressive anti-social behavior that has made the difference.”
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Cassia Co., Idaho schools crack down on cyber-bullying

Times News
Twin Fallas, Idaho — CHEERS: To the Cassia County School District for its enlightened new policy on sexual harassment and cyber-bullying.

The new rules proscribe bullying someone over sexual orientation and crack down on “sexting,” the transmission of sexually explicit messages or photos electronically – primarily between cell phones.
Students and staff at Cassia County schools who engage in these behaviors could find themselves expelled from school or fired.
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Wyoming high school adds bully cameras

Associated Press
CODY, Wyo. (AP) – Fears of bullying have led to the installation of 73 new high-definition cameras at a high school in northwestern Wyoming, with officials hoping to deter as much violence as they capture on recordings.
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Wisc.: Widow of slain principal helps with anti-bullying campaign

The widow of a high school principal shot and killed by a student has helped launch a new anti-bullying campaign in Wisconsin.

John Klang was the principal at Weston Schools three years ago when he was killed during a struggle with 15-year-old Eric Hainstock.

Sue Klang believes that if the new program had been in place at the time, her husband may still be alive.
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