Parents: We’ll take legal action against school over ‘Bullygate’

By Lauren Oldershaw
Colchester Gazette
THE former chairman of the Parent Teacher Association at Great Tey Primary School resigned just weeks after dinner lady Carol Hill was suspended for blowing the whistle on bullies.

Sarah Harris was one of a number of members of the association who stepped down, citing a lack of support from headteacher Debbie Crabb and some of her staff on a string of issues.
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UK: Parents of bullied schoolgirl to sue school

By Nick Britten and Aislinn Laing
Claire and Scott David claim Carol Hill, 60, was made a scapegoat for telling them what happened to their daughter Chloe, seven.

She is alleged to have had her hands and feet bound with skipping rope before being whipped by four boys at her school in June.
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Dinner-lady sacking in schoolyard torture is appalling

By Richard Woods and Richard Goss
London Times online
In the village of the Great Dinner Lady Scandal, the vicar was offering scant comfort to confused souls last week. The Reverend John Richardson, a governor at the school that had sacked a staff member for telling parents the truth about how their child was bullied, was in his drive on Friday afternoon.

Approached by a reporter, did the vicar have an explanation for the sacking that has outraged parents everywhere? Some words of wisdom or even a sermon to dispense? Nope. He turned tail, scuttled inside his house and shut the door.
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Donor offers to help sacked dinner lady Carol Hill

By Anna Adams
BBC News
An anonymous donor has offered to pay legal costs for a dinner lady who was sacked for telling parents their daughter had been bullied. Hill has lodged an appeal against dismissal

Carol Hill, who worked at Great Tey Primary School in Essex, was said to have broken rules on confidentiality.
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UK: ‘Bully’ in dinner lady case is school governor’s son

By Joanna Sugden and Mary Bowers
Times Online
Sacked dinner lady Carol Hill, right, with Scott and Claire David and their daughter Chloe
A governor at the school where a dinner lady was sacked for telling parents about alleged bullies is the mother of one of the four boys involved, The Times has learnt.

Angry parents are demanding the resignation of the headmistress and governors of Great Tey Primary School, Essex. Some are threatening to remove their children if Carol Hill, 60, is not reinstated.
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Sacking this school bully whistleblower was pure evil

By Allison Pearson
The Daily Mail
When my daughter was being bullied a few years back, my first reaction was to storm up to the school and take it up in person with the little monster in question.

There is nothing that can rile you quite like the thought of your child being excluded or thumped at playtime by some budding psychopath.

It leaves you feeling weak with panic, yet at the same time fired up with a righteous fury that makes your average Tyrannosaurus Rex look like a hibernating gerbil.

So, as far as I’m concerned, Carol Hill is a complete heroine. School dinner lady Carol found seven-year-old Chloe David being bullied by four boys. Chloe had her hands tied above her head and was being whipped with a skipping rope. What was the game called – Abu Ghraib?
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