Family of Yazoo County teen disputes Eulls’ hero status

WAPT.Com News
16 ABC
YAZOO CITY, Miss. — The family of a girl accused of pulling a gun on students on a Yazoo County school bus said Friday that news coverage of the incident has been unfair.

Relatives of the 14-year-old girl said she was bullied by children on the bus — specifically, her family said, by Kaleb Eulls and his younger sisters. Eulls wrestled the gun from the girl and has gained national attention as a hero.
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Yazoo County teen with gun says she was bullied

By Bert Case
WLBT 3 News
JACKSON, MISS (WLBT) — Jackson attorney John Reeves has been hired to represent the 14-year old Yazoo County girl who pulled a gun on a bus load of students.

Reeves told us he got the family to agree on the front end, that what the 14-year-old did cannot be justified and he would be allowed to say that. Reeves said the girl had transferred from Holmes County this year. She had been an honor student in Holmes County, but was not accepted in Yazoo County. Reeves spoke with the mother for about an hour, but has not talked with the child.
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Miss. family sorry Yazoo County girl pulled gun

By Chris Joyner
The family of the 14-year-old girl who pulled a gun out on a Yazoo County school bus Tuesday issued an apology today through their lawyer.

“The whole family is concerned and they want the public to know, as well as the authorities, that they are very saddened,” Jackson attorney John Reeves said. “They are very sorry it happened.”
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Wake of Yazoo: Experts answer “What makes bully tick?”

By Nick Guillory
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) — A bus ride that turned terrifying for some 20 elementary school students earlier this week highlights the potential for bullying to turn deadly.

Mississippi authorities said a 14-year old girl pulled out a pistol after being picked on, in the newly released surveillance video you can see how she reacts in a rage.
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Winning play: Football hero Kaleb Eulls disarms girl on bus

By Mike Celizic
This one wasn’t in the playbook. So, when a 14-year-old girl waved a loaded gun on a Mississippi school bus, high school quarterback Kaleb Eulls called his own play — and made a life-saving tackle for the record books.

It was just before 7 a.m. Tuesday. Eulls, star player for Yazoo County High School, was dozing in the back of the bus, lulled by the tunes on his MP3 player, when his 16-year-old sister, Kimberly, roused him from slumber with an urgent piece of news: “Kaleb, the girl has a gun.”
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Yazhoo County High girl may face adult charges over gun

Jackson Clarion Ledger
The 14-year-old Yazoo County High School student who pulled out a gun on a bus full of students meets the criteria to be charged as an adult, Yazoo County District Attorney James Powell said.

“Because the crime was committed with a gun and she is over 13, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over her,” Powell said Wednesday.
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AP raw video: Yazoo County High girl draws gun on school bus

A security camera on a Yazoo County High School bus captured the Aug. 23, 2009 incident when a Yazhoo County High School teen girl in Mississippi pulled a gun on her peers while riding the school bus. The Associated Press published the video. Watch the video.