Millburn High’s ‘slut list’: When the cool get hazed

The New York Times
Girl-on-girl bullying or hazing is old news by now, for anyone who has seen “Mean Girls” or “Heathers” or “Gossip Girl”: popular girls organize a perfectly-coiffed and designer-clothed gang; fringe girl is targeted; bullies use their meanness and power to further marginalize fringe girl and reassert their status.

But news of a “slut list” at a top-ranked New Jersey high school last week highlighted two disturbing points: the increasingly explicit and sexual nature of the taunts, magnified by the Internet. And, in another twist, the perception that allegations of promiscuity — however fictional — are a badge of honor, a way into the cool group, and not a cause for shame.
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More on last night’s hazing autopsy at Millburn school board meeting

By Tina Kelley
The Local/New York Times
Last night’s Millburn school board meeting was full to the brim with news, more than we could get in to the live-blog format last night, or into the newspaper this morning. (Oh the brain gymnastics required in listening, typing, writing and answering instant messages all at once! Live blogging is fun, but requires many neurons to fire all at once.)

Beyond the headlines that administrators have been ordered “back to school” for sensitivity training and must come up with a plan in the next two months to stop hazing, here are other developments around the hazing issue that drew about 50 concerned parents to the Education Center.

First off, several people have e-mailed to ask about the suspensions given in past years to senior girls caught having hazed freshman. Do they show up on transcripts? I spoke with Millburn High School’s principal, Dr. William Miron, before the meeting about this. “It’s not a clear-cut answer,” he said.
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The Local: Millburn mom says parents share blame for kids’ hazing

Live Blogging from the Millburn Schools Meeting
The Local
Update | 10:21 p.m. At 10:30 p.m. the board went on to its regular agenda. We’ll have a fuller report tomorrow.

Update | 10:18 p.m. Another mother, Judy Kelly, just said she saw porn on her daughter’s friend’s Facebook page, related to the slut list, and she asked why the police weren’t involved.

Board member Scott Kamber recommended she report it to the police.

Update | 9:57 p.m. Jean Pasternak, a parent in the district:

“I keep hearing about how administrators and teachers and everybody to blame, but I’m not hearing a word about parents in the community.” There was applause from the back of the room.
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Mean Girls: Hazing Rampant at NJ’s Top High School

Excerpt from NBC New York
No more pushing, no more hooks, no more mean girls’ dirty looks.

The president of the Millburn Board of Education promised more than four dozen parents last night that district administrators would have to undertake sensitivity training and devise a plan within the next 60 days to combat hazing at Millburn High School.

Hazing at New Jersey’s top-ranked high school has been a longstanding problem — and the 2009-10 school year began with a fresh round of torment for ninth-grade girls.
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