Bullying victim’s mom, Sirdeaner Walker, seeks school post

SPRINGFIELD — Sirdeaner L. Walker, whose 11-year-old son Carl Walker-Hoover committed suicide in the spring after complaining he was bullied at school, is running for the School Committee.
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Character Education, Student Engagement Essential to Stop Bullies

By Michael Novinson
Kansas City e-zine
For mother Sirdeaner Walker, reality surpassed her worst nightmares. She imagined her son Carl, 11 at the time, would be doing homework or playing videogames as she cooked dinner on April 6.

Washington, D.C. But when she walked into his room, she found him hanging by an extension cord tied around his neck.
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When words can kill: ‘That’s so gay’

By Susan Donaldson James
ABC News
Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover was 11— hardly old enough to know his sexuality and yet distraught enough to hang himself last week after school bullies repeatedly called him “gay.”

The Springfield, Mass., football player and Boy Scout was ruthlessly teased, despite his mother’s pleas to the New Leadership Charter School to address the problem.

Sirdeaner L. Walker, 43, found Carl hanging by an extension cord on the second floor of the family’s home April 6, just minutes before she was going to a meeting to confront school authorities again.

“I am brokenhearted,” she told ABCNews.com. “We worry about the economy and about Iraq, but we need to be worried about our schools.” Full story.

Bullying at school drives 11-year-old boy to hanging suicide


Staff writers
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Two days after the worst day of her life, when she found her 11-year-old son had committed suicide by hanging himself, Sirdeaner L. Walker said on Wednesday she wants the bullying to stop.

She found Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover hanging by an extension cord on the second floor of their 124 Northampton Ave. home Monday night after he had endured another day of taunting at New Leadership Charter School, where he was a sixth-grader, she said.

“I just want to help some other child. I know there are other kids being picked on, and it’s day in and day out,” said Walker, 43. Full story.