Acquitted “cyber-bully” Lori Drew a victim of online tormenters

By Keegan Hamilton
Riverfront Times
​Technically this is old news — the judge in the case said way back on July 2 that he had “tentatively” decided to overrule the LA jury’s three guilty verdicts and acquit Lori Drew on misdemeanor charges of violating MySpace’s “Terms of Service” agreement. But, as of last Friday, the judge’s ruling became official and the (mostly positive) long-term implications warrant a little discussion.
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Missouri woman Elizabeth Thrasher faces jail over ‘cyber-bullying’

A woman is facing up to four years in jail for allegedly posting photographs and the mobile phone number of a teenage girl on a website and suggesting the girl wanted sex.

Elizabeth Thrasher, 40, posted the 17-year-old’s details in the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist, prosecutors said as the first case to be prosecuted under a new cyber-bullying law got under way.
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Fox News: Is Missouri’s new cyber-bullying law legal?
ST. CHARLES, MO — Elizabeth Thrasher, 40, of St. Charles, pushed our camera away as she walked out of the St. Charles county jail Monday. She’s charged with a felony for allegedly posting false sexual information about a teenage girl online.

But is the new state law against cyber-bullying constitutional?
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Judge rules Internet hoaxer Lori Drew can use Web again

Associated Press
Lori Drew, a Missouri woman who perpetrated a MySpace hoax that drove her daughter’s 13-year-old classmate to suicide, can now use the Internet again, according to a court ruling.
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