Morcom death spotlights horrific violence in schools

By Greg Ansley
New Zealand Herald
The students of Mullumbimby High filed out of school yesterday morning and gathered in a nearby park to remember one of their classmates with an anthem of their parents’ generation.

Jai Morcom, 15, died after his head was apparently smashed against a wall when he intervened in what appears to have been a turf war over tables, a simmering flashpoint at the school for years.
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Jai Morcom: Police probe schoolyard death for bullying

By Charlotte Glennie
The World Today
Police are investigating claims 15-year-old Jai Morcom, who died after a schoolyard brawl on the New South Wales north coast, was being bullied.

Jai died in hospital on Sunday after suffering head injuries allegedly during a fight at Mullumbimby High School last Friday.
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Jai Morcom’s father calls for peace at Mullumbimby High School

By Sarah Elks
The Australian
THE father of a 15-year-old schoolboy who died after a schoolyard scuffle called for calm and peace during a mass walkout from the northern NSW school today.

Jai Morcom, 15, died in a Gold Coast hospital on Saturday after a fight at Mullumbimby High School at recess on Friday morning.
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Australia: Mullumbimby High School walkout over bullying death

By Greg Stolz
The Courier-Mail
New South Wales, Aus. — Schoolmates of a high school student who died after a playground brawl are planning a mass walkout and protest today against school violence.

Students say a culture of bullying and violence has been allowed to fester at Mullumbimby High School in northern New South Wales, where 15-year-old Jai Morcom (pictured) was involved in a fight over a lunch table.
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