The View: Demi Lovato talks bullies and protecting her sister

By Story Gilmore
When you’ve been a working actress since the age of 6 like Demi Lovato, your success is sure to leave you with a gang of haters. Demi, who once suffered at the hands of bullies, spoke out about it on her appearance of The View.

“For awhile there, I had no idea why because people would say ‘Oh, they’re just jealous girls.’ You don’t like to hear that, you want to know a reason,” she said of her experience being bullied in the 7th grade. “So you just keep pinning it on yourself.”

She eventually realized it was just jealousy: “I remember looking back and asking the girls ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ and they didn’t have a reason.” Full story.

One Response

  1. Awwe, i love Demi and
    Carolina!!Aww my great friends ❤ ❤

    From Phoebe Tonkin

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