Parents must lead the way in correcting bullying

The following editorial “Parents must lead the way in correcting bullying” was published by The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, Okla.

The Enid News
As long as there have been school yards, there have been bullies. Teachers, counselors and parents have spent many hours trying to make school a pleasant and safe place for kids.

Unfortunately, bullying still exists and has risen in many cases to a more violent level, including physical and sexual assaults and also emotional assaults, such as cyber-bullying.

Often, schools have not been able to adequately handle the situation, and many students are too terrified to report bullying. Parents have had enough, and we’re seeing examples of more states enacting laws to make school bullying a crime. Lawsuits also have cost school districts several hundred thousands of dollars.

So, what’s it going to take to stop kids from behaving this way? Full story.

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