Video: Demi Lovato PSA against bullying for The Pacer Center

Demi Lovato has just helped out the Pacer Center to work towards putting an end to bullying. Demi Lovato tells us in the Public Service Announcement video above that she used to be bullied in school and actually left school and chose to be home schooled instead because of it. Watch the video.


Bullying forced Demi Lovato into homeschooling

Demi Lovato has admitted she had to be home-schooled after bullies targeted her at school. The 16-year-old, who is best known for her role as Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock, said her fame led to her being bullied by classmates.
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The View: Demi Lovato talks bullies and protecting her sister

By Story Gilmore
When you’ve been a working actress since the age of 6 like Demi Lovato, your success is sure to leave you with a gang of haters. Demi, who once suffered at the hands of bullies, spoke out about it on her appearance of The View.
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Mean girls bullied pop star Demi Lovato in Dallas school
Teen queen Demi Lovato seems to have it all: A starring role next to Joe Jonas in “Camp Rock,” an upcoming Disney TV show (“Sonny With a Chance”), a hit CD, and a million-dollar smile. But she told Entertainment Weekly that life was anything but perfect back in school in Texas. ”I asked to leave public school,” she says. ”I was kind of bullied. I had a hate wall in the bathroom, and everyone signed a petition that said ‘We all hate Demi Lovato.”’
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Pop star Demi Lovato joins battle against bullying

By John Croman
Bloomington, MN — For rising pop star Demi Lovato, the fight against bullying is more than just a worthy cause. It’s rooted in her own experiences as a 7th grader in Texas.

“They were calling me names that wouldn’t make sense to call a 7th grader,” Lovato told KARE Friday, “I just remember becoming really depressed afterward when I left school felt I didn’t have any friends. I lost a lot of weight. I was just trying to figure out all the reasons why.”
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Demi Lovato Joins National Bullying Prevention Movement

MINNEAPOLIS /PRNewswire/ — Hollywood Records pop music sensation and Disney Channel star, Demi Lovato, today announced a partnership with PACER Center’s National Center for Bullying Prevention to help champion their anti-bullying movement. With this announcement, Lovato, whose new album “Here We Go Again,” skyrocketed to the #1 position on the Billboard album charts one week ago, now has a platform for a cause she cares about deeply.
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