Belleville, Ill. parents want bullying to STOP

BELLEVILLE, Illinois — An anti-bullying program Tuesday night at Belleville West High School drew parents from outside the district who joined local residents in voicing concerns about bullying in schools and suggested approaches toward solutions.

Tuesday night marked the first parent meeting of Belleville West’s Students and Teachers Offering Protection (STOP) program.
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‘Terror on wheels’: Experts urge bus monitors, training students

Excerpt from Belleville News-Democrat
Belleville, Illinois — A Chicago-area consultant on Tuesday urged school districts to hire an extra person to monitor school buses, and advised that students learn martial arts, in light of a school bus attack involving Belleville West High School students that left one injured and seven suspended.

Derek Randel, a former middle school and high school teacher who founded to help educators, parents and students address school violence, said he never allowed his daughter to take the bus to school.
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School’s in session: A mob attack and a murder

By Dave Gibson
Excerpt from
U.S. public schools have been back in session for a little more than a week, and the body count is already mounting.

On Monday, September 14, there was a 17-year-old student on a school bus in Belleville, IL mercilessly beaten while others looked on and cheered. With every blow landed in the unprovoked attack, the savage mob yelled “Boom, boom, boom.”

Though police may disagree, that ugly incident was obviously motivated by racism. The victim was white, while the assailants were black.

The following day, on Tuesday, Cuban immigrant Juan Carlos Rivera, 17, was stabbed to death at Coral Gables High School in Miami. Police arrested fellow student, Andy Rodriguez, 17, for the murder. Rodriguez now sits in a jail cell, more than likely facing the rest of his life behind bars.
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Belleville suspends 7, 2 face possible charges, expulsion

Excerpt from Belleville News-Democrat
Belleville, Illinois — A violent attack on a Belleville West school bus led to at least seven suspensions Tuesday as Belleville Police said they no longer believed the attacks were racially motivated.

“It’s not necessarily race-related,” Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax said of the attack caught on a school bus security camera that shows two black students punching and choking a white student Monday morning. “It’s just bullying and that’s where it is.”
The 14- and 15-year-old students seen attacking another student were suspended and face the possibility of expulsion and juvenile criminal charges. They were released to their parents.
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Belleville bars school bus driver after brutal bus attack

Excerpt from The
Belleville, Illinois — The driver who was behind the wheel of a school bus when a 17-year-old Belleville West High School student was beaten will no longer work within the school district.

“After review of the driver’s actions during this event, it has been determined that this driver will no longer transport District 201 students,” said Belleville High School District Superintendent Greg Moats, in a letter to parents and others in the district Wednesday.
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Teens punished in brutal Belleville, Ill. school bus beating

By George Sells
Excerpt from
BELLEVILLE, IL ( – Shocked. Appalled. Those are just some the words people in Belleville, Illinois, are using in reaction to video of two high school students brutally beating a third on a school bus Monday morning. Now more light is being shed on just what happened. D’Vante Lott, 16, was on the bus headed to Belleville West High School when the fight broke out. Lott says it began with the unidentified victim looking for a seat on the bus. At least twice, students refused to let the 17 year old sit down with them, something Lott says has happened before. Lott says the teen finally knocked another student’s book bag onto the floor of the bus, and that student attacked.
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Brutal attack on Belleville, Illinois school bus

CBS News