Stand up for kids!

If you’re reading this it’s because you’ve encountered bullying. It might be you’re the concerned parent of a child who is being hurt by bullying. Or maybe you are a school administrator or counselor who’s been told there’s a child at your school who is being bullied by another student.

Whatever the reason you’re here, you’ll find information, answers, strategies and news about bullying.

If you read no further than this page please read the next three items.

  • Parents, if your child is being bullied, do something. Don’t expect your kid to solve this problem.
  • School administrators, counselors and teachers, if you have a bullied child and a bully in your school, do something. Don’t kid yourself that “educating” the children to “manage” the bully will solve this problem.
  • This is a problem that grown-ups must handle; if you are leaving it to the kids to resolve, then that means you have lost all control of your school.

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