Louisiana parent sues son’s school, alleges bullying

By David Spunt
BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – A Baton Rouge parent is suing The Dunham School over what he calls a case of old fashioned bullying. Dr. Russell Saloom, a Baton Rouge ophthalmologist, says The Dunham School did nothing to stop the harassment of his child.

Saloom says his ten-year-old son was bullied at the school for three years. He claims he and his wife spoke to several teachers and administrators, and says nothing was done.

“It’s very hard for a child to come forward and say they’ve been bullied because they take a lot of pride in their young youth-hood,” Saloom said.

Saloom pulled his son out of the school in September. On Monday, he filed a lawsuit in district court, demanding more than $10,000 he already paid for this year’s tuition. In order to get the money back, Saloom says the school asked him and his wife to sign an agreement, stating that they would not talk about the issue with other people or to the media. If they did, they would not get the refund.

Dunham School Headmaster Bobby Welch says the entire story has been blown out of proportion.

“I don’t look forward to even having to read the language of it because it’s so disappointing. I’d much rather be having a conversation with the parents,” Welch said. Full story.


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