Paramedic: Dive in pool saved burned teen’s life

By Rich Phillips
Deerfield Beach, Florida (CNN) — It’s a call that no firefighter ever wants to have to answer.

For firefighter-paramedic Bobby Goss, it was the worst call of his four-year career. And when you hear the screams of 15-year-old Michael Brewer on the 911 calls, you know why this was such a horrific call for help. Michael Brewer had been set on fire.

“We saw the bushes on fire … and we could hear the patient screaming at the pool,” Goss said Tuesday.
Goss and five other firefighters with Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue were the first on the scene October 12 after Brewer was allegedly attacked by five of his friends, who poured alcohol over him and set him ablaze.

Brewer jumped into a pool to put out the flames. He remains in critical condition with burns over 65 percent of his body at Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn Center in Miami, Florida.
Tuesday, doctors removed the ventilator that kept Brewer alive for almost a month. He’s now breathing on his own.

“He was sitting next to the pool, on a pool chair, with nothing but basketball shorts on. He was wet head to toe, and you could tell he was burnt,” Goss recalled.

He immediately knew this was a bad call.

“We knew right away the helicopter had to be here,” he said.

Fire Rescue workers were with Brewer for only a short time. They administered burn gels and pain medicine. Air Rescue landed in a parking lot down the street, and Michael Brewer was airborne in 13 minutes after rescuers arrived.

“He was very awake. Very coherent,” Goss said.

“He was definitely in a lot of pain. He knew what was going on. Anytime we needed to ask him questions, he could calm himself down enough to answer questions. He gave us his address, his phone number, his mom’s name. That kind of stuff,” he said. Full story.


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