Half of teens are bullied; most tormented on computer, mobile phone

LONDONG, ENGLAND — Nearly half of 14-year-olds nationwide have been the victim of bullying, research found today.

‘Cyberbullying’ – where children face taunts, threats and insults via the internet and mobile phones – is now the most common form, along with name calling, the study of 10,000 teenagers showed.

The initial results show that 47 per cent of young people report being bullied at the age of 14.
This falls to four in ten (41 per cent) among 15-year-olds and less than a third (29 per cent) among children of school-leaving age (16 years).

After cyberbullying and name calling, the most common type of bullying was teenagers being threatened with violence, actual violence and being excluded by their friends.

The Government-commissioned research, conducted by the National Centre for Social Research, looked at bullying among more than 10,000 secondary school pupils aged 14-16 in England. Full story.


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