Elizabeth Lambert : Attractive, Aggressive, Suspended… Victim?

By Paul Ciolino
CBS News
NEW YORK (CBS) The Elizabeth Lambert video, which is making the rounds, is a fascinating inside look at Woman’s Division One Soccer. I’m not sure that if this were Division One men’s soccer anyone would be making a fuss. Because we have an attractive and I might add aggressive female player this has become a phenomenon.

First and foremost soccer is a very physical sport that is played aggressively. The type of behavior that is on display in the Lambert video is as old as the game itself. For those of you who doubt this take a look at the France-Italy World Cup Final from a few years ago.

Pushing, shoving, punching, and tripping are routine in high-end matches. The older and more skilled the players the more physical it gets. Division One soccer is a tough place, be it men’s or women’s division. The faint of heart do not play here.

But I digress. I like Elizabeth. Hell, if I were in a bar fight I would choose Elizabeth over some of my male pals.

In both instances of the video where she gives one player a shot in the back and decks the second one by snatching a hand full of ponytail and slamming her to the ground, she was adequately provoked. Both of her acts were in reaction to two dirty cheap shots she received.

In the first case she is standing behind a player who shoots an elbow right into the center of her chest. This hardly makes you an innocent bystander — you hit an adult female in the chest with a sharp elbow you should get a smack. Let’s call this one a tie, no blood was drawn.

The second incident is a little slicker. Number 21 from Brigham Young is standing in front of Elizabeth and looking pretty innocent. She is smiling and pushing up against Elizabeth. The next thing you know is BAM, she gets thrown to the ground by her hair. Elizabeth basically snatches her right off of her feet and body slams her. Poor thing. Full Story.


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  1. I have to agree with this. I play football in a sunday pub league in Britian. And to tell you the truth that was nothing compered to some of the challanges I’ve had, been kicked two foot in the air at one point, kicked in the groin while I was down at another . And that was just today.
    Footy is a rough phyiscal game, well at least it’s suppose to be.
    You think thats bad you should check out the sunday morning Ulster Rugby league, now thats a hard game.

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