Mary Fox death: Youths hunted over woman’s firework murder

By Steven Swinford
London Sunday Times
POLICE have opened a murder inquiry into the death of a mother of nine in a house fire that started when a firework was pushed through her letterbox.

Mary Fox, 59, died after helping her teenage son jump through an upstairs window to save him as flames engulfed the house in Bodmin, Cornwall. Neighbours said Raum Fox, 17, was being targeted by bullies.

Detective Superintendent Martin Orpe said: “We are appealing to those responsible to do the decent thing and come forward. If not, we have a team of officers who will find them. It seems there has been some bullying towards Raum in and around school. That is an issue we will be looking at in depth as part of the inquiry.”

A statement from Fox’s children yesterday paid tribute to their “devoted” mother who, they added “was, at times . . . eccentric”.

The fire started at 7.15pm last Thursday after fireworks were pushed through the door. One neighbour said yesterday that he had seen three children, aged 12-16, shouting “shame, shame” as the fire enveloped the house. Locals said the children were well-known troublemakers in the neighbourhood. Full story.


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