Bryan County, Okla. United Way funds Girl Scout anti-bullying program

By Jamie Carrick Staff
Durant Daily Democrat
Editor’s note: This is part of a series on agencies that receive funding from Bryan County United Way.

Bryan County Girl Scouts teaches girls (grades K-12) self confidence and leadership skills that they can use throughout their lives.

The Magnolia Service Unit in Bryan County, which is part of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, is receiving funding from the Bryan County United Way for the program “Powered Up.”

Nikki Wolf, membership executive for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma, said “Powered Up” will be solely funded by the United Way. The Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma serves a 30-county area.

The Girl Scouts is one of 14 local agencies that receive funds from Bryan County United Way. UW kicked off its fund drive recently and seeks to raise $150,000 in 2010. The organization is one of three new agencies that is being aided by the local UW.

Wolf said the eight-week long “Powered Up” program is aimed at eliminating bullying behavior. It also teaches girls and adults how to recognize bullying behavior and how they can effectively intervene. Lessons last one hour.

“Powered Up” includes a service-learning component, where students identify places in their schools that are safe and places where bullying is likely to happen, she said. Also, adults in the schools are encouraged to learn about what’s going on in their building and offer solutions.

She recently presented the program to Caddo schools. School officials have approved “Powered Up” for fourth and fifth grade girls during the spring semester, which will begin in January.

Wolf said the program, which is free of charge, will be offered during the school day. She also hopes to implement “Powered Up” in other schools in the county.

The “Powered Up” program will be led by Girl Scouts staff and local volunteers, Wolf said. Approximately 95 girls are in Bryan County’s Girl Scouts. Full story.


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