Cornwall: mom-of-five died saving ‘bullied’ son in fire

By Richard Savill
BODMIN, Cornwall — Police are investigating a report that the blaze may have been caused by a firework which had been pushed through the letterbox.

Neighbours said Mary Fox, 59, was seen pushing her 17-year-old son Raum out of the first floor window of their three storey home in Bodmin, Cornwall, shortly after the fire started.

The teenager survived with minor injuries but his mother was trapped and died in the blaze.
Doreen Rowe, 59, said Mrs. Fox, a keen singer, was a “hero” for saving her son’s life.

She said: “Mary was a dear old soul and a hero. Her son survived because she pushed him out of the window but she got trapped by the fire.”

She said there had been a number of children on the street with fireworks and “police have told us one of them has put one through Mary’s letterbox”.

She added: “I’m devastated about what has happened. Mary was such a lovely lady. I used to be able to hear her singing from my garden sometimes, she had a beautiful voice.”

Kerry Ollerenshaw, a care worker and a friend of the family said Raum has learning difficulties and had been “harassed”.

She added: “I can’t believe someone would be callous enough to put a firework through a letter box.”
Classmate Brett Millington, 17, said Raum had been moved from Bodmin College to St Austell College to escape the bullies, who made fun of his acne.

“Raum was a social outcast and always kept himself to himself. He never socialised with anyone in or out of school,” he said.

“He was badly bullied. It wasn’t all physical but a lot of psychological abuse he suffered.

“Kids would make fun of his bad acne and call him ‘spotty’ and made fun of his greasy hair. Full story.


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