Canadian teen’s letter of appeal to bullies everywhere

The Gazette
Dear bullies everywhere,

Bullying hurts. We all know why you bullies hurt people. A bunch of men in fancy suits have told the world that bullies hurt people because of low self esteem, having bad homes or just enjoying the thrill they get when watching someone in pain.

I’m sorry you have problems but it isn’t our fault. Please stop taking it out on us.

Now that we have covered your side of this situation, let’s cover the victim’s point of view. Let’s call our victim Mary Anne. How do you think Mary Anne would feel if every morning she woke up, got ready for school, and knew it was going to suck? What was going to happen to her today? How many humiliating things will she have to encounter until the dismissal announcements are done?

When Mary Anne comes to school, she is always aware that at any moment, an unpleasant strike may happen, from any angle. If, in the unfortunate case that she meets her bully’s eyes, she will see the obvious enjoyment that the perpetrator gets from tormenting her. Her heart will be racing like a lightening bolt in a thunderstorm. Full story.


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  1. I am a retired teacher and educational administrator and I have been bullied by organized stalkers for over thirty years. As yet, law enforcement does not take bullying seriiously enough until there is a mass murder or suicide to awaken the public and they demand police involvement. The reason law enforcement is reluctant to do their duty is because often police and police aides are a part of the bullying.Thank you for this website. “Google” -organized stalking- and you will find more closely-related information. I believe we need all of the information we can get. This threat disrupts our civil state, it is a Klu Klux Klan technique to cause the populace to cower and fear full-time for their safety and then the double threat (for adults and youth) to realize that there is no one to turn to for help.

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