Teen confessions: Gay + coming out = bullying

By Tammy McAllister
BBC Somerset
A teenager from Somerset has described how the pressures of coming out led to anorexia and homophobic bullying.

The 17-year-old boy said gays and lesbians at his school were subjected to ignorant comments and suspicion.

He was also attacked on a bus by a complete stranger who shouted homophobic abuse while others stood by and watched.

John now says he and his partner are even fearful of holding hands in public because of the reaction they might get.

‘Most annoying thing’
Although his friends and parents were supportive, the reality was different in the school environment as a whole.

“I got quite a good reaction as they were my close friends and when I came out fully I didn’t get bad reactions to my face but I heard there were some comments behind my back.”

He says part of the problem was that some pupils were friendly to his face, but would make jokes about his sexuality behind his back.

It’s not nice knowing that you can’t do all the coupley things like holding hands in the street without getting weird looks.

“I was going on the Duke of Edinburgh expedition and one of the boys in my group said behind my back that he didn’t want to be in my tent as I would obviously try to do something in the night as I obviously fancied him because of my sexuality. Full story.


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