Pastor of California gang rape victim speaks out

ABC News
The parents of the 15-year-old California girl who was brutally gang raped outside a high school homecoming dance last week released a statement this weekend asking that the incident provoke change at the school.

Police arrest more people in connection with the alleged rape of a teen girl.

“Please do not respond to this tragic event by promoting hatred or by causing more pain,” said the statement from the victim’s parents, read by Rev. Jim Wheeler of the First Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Calif, according to ABC’s KGO-TV in San Francisco.

“We’ve had enough violence already in this place,” read Wheeler. “If you need to express your outrage please channel your anger into positive action.”

Late last week, police arrested a suspect who they believed played a “significant role” in the gang rape of the teenager but also released another suspect who had been in custody for several days.

There are currently five suspects, ranging in age from 15 to 19, in police custody.

Late Thursday night, police arrested 18-year-old Jose Carlos Montano in connection to the rape.

“Montano played a significant role in what happened to our victim and his arrest was an important one,” Richmond Police Department Lt. Mark Gagan told

Gagan said detectives believe Montano had a “bigger role than others” in the two-and-a-half hour gang rape outside Richmond High School’s homecoming dance on Oct. 24. Full story.


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