Trey Figures’ family: Bullying led to 12-year-old’s suicide

By Megan Nichols
Anniston Star
Anniston, ALABAMA — Tre’Juan ‘Trey’ Cordell Figures’ family and friends talk about the problems Trey had. Family friend Deidra Parker, left; Trey’s grandmother, Essie Figures; his mother, Veronica McGee; and his father, Johnny Figures; and his aunt, Virginia Eastman.

Tre’Juan Figures hugged everyone, but it wasn’t enough to ease the pain he felt every day when kids bullied him.

“He always wanted a hug, and every time he’d say ‘hugs make everything better,'” said the 12-year-old’s uncle, Ron Eastman. “I’m sure he’s in heaven right now, hugging on Jesus.”

Tre’Juan, who everyone called Trey, took his own life Tuesday night in his west Anniston home.

Several of Trey’s family members said Thursday the sixth-grader had faced bullies at Anniston Middle School for more than a year. They say that’s why he committed suicide.

Johnny Figures, Trey’s father, said kids at school and in their neighborhood had been trying to force Trey to join a gang.

“They’d jump on him, take his lunch money, threaten him,” he said through tears. “It got to the point he didn’t want to get on the bus and he’d miss it on purpose.”

Figures said his son came to him after school on Monday and told him “‘Daddy, they’re still messing with me.'”

It must’ve gotten worse on Tuesday, he said. But Trey didn’t come to him that afternoon.

“I wish he had of,” Johnny Figures said. Full story.


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