Jordan Maddison, 12, ‘scared’ to death by bullies?

London Telegraph
A 12-year-old boy with a heart condition was scared to death by two older boys who were threatening to beat him up, according to a coroner who has asked lawyers and police to consider prosecuting the pair.

Derek Winter, coroner for Sunderland, halted the inquest after hearing evidence for two hours and said that the Criminal Prosecution Service should consider whether criminal charges should be brought against two teenagers following the death of Jordan Maddison.

Jordan, of Fenton Terrace, Houghton-Le-Spring Wearside, collapsed in January 2008 after fleeing a pair of older boys who he feared were about to beat him up.

The youngster, who suffered from a rare heart condition, known as aortic stenosis, made it to the safety of a friend’s house before slumping to the floor.

He was rushed to Sunderland Royal Hospital but later died.

Mr Winter said :”I am of the view that the death of Jordan Maddison may have been brought about by the actions of others.

“I was very careful to stress the importance of the inquest process.

“It’s not a frivolous experience to be taken lightly. It is a factual inquiry to hear evidence. Full Story.


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