Ohio’s Willard High School wrestlers sentenced for bullying

Sandusky Register
SANDUSKY, OHIO — Although the pair of high school upperclassman moved out of Huron County, they could not escape their past.

It caught up with them on Thursday afternoon when the young men — a 16-year-old junior and an 18-year-old senior — appeared separately before Seneca County Juvenile Judge Jay Meyer for the juvenile court’s version of sentencing.

In July, the former Willard High School wrestlers entered the equivalent of a guilty plea to disorderly conduct in Huron County juvenile court.

The pleas were in connection to the bullying and hazing of a freshman teammate that occurred earlier this year.

A third wrestler also pleaded guilty to the same charge and was placed on probation by the Huron County courts. The judge also forbade him from wrestling.

In Seneca County court, the junior twisted around in his chair to face the boy he bullied and his family while he read his apology.

“I am sorry I am involved in the mess that’s still going on,” the junior said. “I lost a great friend and a wrestling partner. I want you to know I did not realize you were being hurt or felt the way you did.”

The junior said in January he held the freshman down on school property while another teammate grabbed the boy’s testicles through his shorts and then pushed his fingers through the back fabric of his shorts into the boy’s rectum.

He then pulled the freshman’s shorts down when he stood up.

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