World champ boxer Calzaghe backs anti-bullying “Beatbullying”

BBC News
Joe Calzaghe was bullied at school before turning to boxing
Undefeated world champion Boxer Joe Calzaghe is among sports stars backing the launch of the Welsh arm of the anti-bullying charity Beatbullying.

Athlete Jamie Baulch and rugby star Craig Quinnell will be at the launch of Beatbullying Wales in Cardiff later.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Calzaghe, who was bullied as a teenager, is already a patron of the national charity.

Meanwhile, BBC Radio 1’s Aled Haydn Jones will present a programme about being bullied while at school in Wales.

Jones was bullied at his secondary school in Aberystwyth, but when listeners called his Sunday Surgery programme for advice on bullying, he felt the answers “turn the other cheek” and “walk away” would not have helped him.

He set out to find out why he was bullied and what he could have done to stop it by returning to his old school to try to find some answers.

His film, Bullying: Why Me? is screened on BBC Two Wales on Wednesday, 14 October at 1930 BST and is part of BBC Cymru Wales ‘B Word’ campaign.

The charity Beatbullying Wales aims to help victims of the form of abuse with a range of strategies devised by young people. Full story.


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