Belleville, Ill. parents want bullying to STOP

BELLEVILLE, Illinois — An anti-bullying program Tuesday night at Belleville West High School drew parents from outside the district who joined local residents in voicing concerns about bullying in schools and suggested approaches toward solutions.

Tuesday night marked the first parent meeting of Belleville West’s Students and Teachers Offering Protection (STOP) program.

“They (students) are counting on us and we cannot bury our heads in the sand about this,” said Laura Amenn, of O’Fallon.

Amenn said she attended the meeting because of her experience in dealing with her own district after her son was disciplined for intimidating another student. He did so in reaction to being bullied, she said.

“You should not come to school and feel like your life is threatened,” Amenn said.
About 25 parents attended the meeting.

The STOP program allows students and teachers to report confidentially any bullying they experience or witness at the school and to seek by filling out forms and dropping them in boxes located in highly populated areas of the school. Full story.


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