NCPC’s “Circle of Respect” aims to stop bullying

Iwant to share a new program that the National Crime Prevention Council recently kicked-off, and we are very proud that our YCW will be part of this new initiative in the schools and community.

The information below was taken from an article written by Angela Sivak about the Circle of Respect campaign, the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) newest initiative to address bullying and cyber bullying.

Bullying can be devastating. And now, with the introduction of the Internet and cellphones, bullies can reach kids not just at the school yard, but inside their homes. Bullying and cyber bullying are serious, national problems. The violent tragedies at Virginia Tech and Columbine, where the shooters were bullied loners, and the suicides of Meghan Meier, Ryan Halligan, and Jessica Logan, who suffered at the hands of bullies, are reminders of the devastating effects of bullying. And these young people were not alone in their pain. According to the 2007 Bureau of Justice Statistics’ Indicators of School Crime and Safety Report, 28 percent of students between 12 and 18 had suffered as victims of bullying in the past six months. Many suffered serious mental health problems as a result.

NCPC has been working to prevent bullying since the early 1990s. The Circle of Respect is NCPC’s latest and most comprehensive campaign to protect youth from bullying and cyber bullying. To be officially launched in October, the campaign will seek to change the commonly held belief that bullying is a rite of passage, and teach instead that such behavior is unacceptable through a positive, pro-social message that encourages respect and consideration for others.

Robin Warren, NCPC’s program manager for the Circle of Respect campaign, described how the campaign also aims to “reduce the number of children and youth who engage in bullying or harassment. Full story.


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