Roseland mob death: Mothers of 2 Fenger suspects react

By Annie Sweeney
WGN News
Two South Side mothers on Monday confronted the brutal violence their sons are accused of as formal charges against the teens were filed and images of them allegedly beating and stomping to death another teenager made national news.

One tearfully said she could not bear to look at the video. The other regretfully acknowledged it was her son on the video depicting the fatal beating of Fenger High School student Derrion Albert, 16.

“That’s Gene. That’s my son. I’m not going to lie about that,” said Sherry Smith, the mother of Eugene Riley, 18, one of four teens charged in the attack. “I do give my condolences to that family because (their) child shouldn’t have lost his life over this.”

Riley and Fenger students Silvonus Shannon, 19, and Eric Carson, 16, were charged Monday with murder and ordered held without bail. Eugene Bailey, 18, was charged later Monday.

A Cook County prosecutor said Albert’s death was a result of a brawl between two neighborhood groups, one from the Altgeld Garden public housing complex and the other from the neighborhood known as the “Ville.”

Carson, who is from the Ville and is charged as an adult, was the first to strike Albert on the head, using a long railroad tie, Assistant State’s Attorney Jodi Peterson said. Albert was knocked out briefly, and when he woke up, a group from Altgeld attacked him. Riley allegedly used a railroad tie again to strike him and Shannon stomped on his head several times, Peterson said.

The families of Carson and Bailey could not be immediately reached, but Smith and Tamaray Shannon, Silvonus Shannon’s mother, said there was a lot of tension at the school last week. Full story.


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  1. They need to shut fenger high down before someone else get murder or hurt .fenger is a bad school anit no point of fenger being here any more .i went to fenger, what i seen wasnt nice or cool .the teacher cant teacher the students wasnt listenin n the school wasnt workin with the kids n all u seen was fighting.the school board need to do something about fenger high school .its never going to get better if no one doing anything.why should some parents have to worry about they kids comin and goin from school . no parent should have to think about whats going on wit they child at no school and what happen to a sweet young man {derrion albert} he didnt deserve that …rip [derrion albert] ..yo heart and soul is always with us………….

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