Dear Barbara: What to do about child bruised by a bully?

By Barbara F. Meltz
Child Caring – Parent Questions & Advice
Hi Barbara –

What advice do you have for how to deal with persistent bullying in younger grades? My son has been coming home with tales about one particular boy in his class since Pre-K, and the kids are now in first grade.

My son has rarely been the target and it has never been anything I couldn’t counsel him through. “Use your words, tell him you don’t want to play with anyone being mean, walk away, ask a teacher for help,” etc. But now it has gotten more serious, and the offending student has inflicted physical violence on my son. It happened during the lunchtime recess when there aren’t any teachers present, only “lunchtime Mom volunteers,” and it happened just before the bell rang.

The other side of the problem is that I am casually friendly with the other kid’s parents. I happen to know that their feeling towards their son’s aggressive behavior is that “that’s just how boys are.” We are in a small private school and there is only one group/class of each grade level for Pre-K through Grade Eight. So we’re in this for the long haul with the same group of kids. Full story.


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