Carter v bullies: N.J. superintendent tough on bullying

by Timothy J. Carroll
Hudson Reporter
At Tuesday’s Hoboken Board of Education meeting, a few parents accused district schools of mishandling bullying situations. Interim Superintendent Peter Carter said that unresponsive principals would be “in trouble,” and promised that remedies would be forthcoming.

But on Wednesday, Carter said that two of the three situations in question predated his tenure, and they will not be further addressed. He said “further investigation” is needed on a third accusation.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Carter, who took the job only a month ago, succeeded in getting unanimous affirmative votes on all agenda items, an uncommon feat from a board that has found disagreement on issues big and small.

Hoboken mayoral candidate Patricia Waiters spoke at the meeting on behalf of another parent whose child, Waiters said, had been harassed at Hoboken High School. She said complaints had been “avoided” by school officials.

Furthermore, she said, the child had been transferred to Demarest High School from Hoboken High without parental consent – and the bullying continued.

Carter told Waiters that the parent, who spoke for herself later in the meeting, deserved an acceptable resolution and, if the building principal did not provide it, “that principal will be in trouble.” Full story.


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