Mom, daughter tormented to death by bullies kept diary of abuse

By Nick Britten
Fiona Pilkington, 38, told in her journal how she would sit awake in the dark at her home until the early hours listening to her tormentors.

It also charts how she felt that despite her complaints to police and to the council, nothing would be done to help her.

The diary – a council spreadsheet given to Mrs Pilkington to help her chart the abuse she endured at her home in Bardon Road, Barwell, Leics. – was not discovered until after her death.

In one entry on May 10 2007, she said her son was pacing up and down the stairs of their home because he was stressed out by the noise from the youths outside.

In another entry dated two days later, she wrote: ”I drew the curtains and sat in the dark until 2.30am, stressed out.”

A day later she penned: ”I am cheesed off and fed up. Why can’t they just walk past without doing anything? Why don’t they walk on the other side of the street?”

In the entry for May 12, Ms Pilkington added: “Learn from experience that no-one is available on Fridays to Mondays as it’s busy elsewhere and this is low priority.”

Mrs Pilkington’s last entry on June 2 2007, said: ”They went to number 57, lit a fag and then tried to set fire to fences between the houses.”

Reading the entries, Tim Butterworth, antisocial behaviour officer at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, was visibly sweating.

He said the council was still trying to deal with a family causing trouble on the street. Full story.


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