Donor offers to help sacked dinner lady Carol Hill

By Anna Adams
BBC News
An anonymous donor has offered to pay legal costs for a dinner lady who was sacked for telling parents their daughter had been bullied. Hill has lodged an appeal against dismissal

Carol Hill, who worked at Great Tey Primary School in Essex, was said to have broken rules on confidentiality.

She says she acted after seeing a seven-year-old girl tied to a fence and whipped with a skipping rope.

A retired businessman has offered to help after reading about her case on the BBC News website.

Ms Hill and the donor, from Nottinghamshire, have discussed the case and she is considering his offer.

She has already spent more than £4,000 on appealing against the decision but said she would continue her fight.

‘Odd decisions’
Speaking to the BBC, the donor said: “It beggars belief that this dinner lady was dismissed over this matter. I will be happy to finance legal representation at any appeal that she makes.

“I’ve become disenchanted with the modern trend for really odd decisions being made by bureaucrats. And one of the joys of getting older is that you can do something about it. Full story.


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