Amy Winehouse: Berated goddaughter’s perceived teen ‘bully’

The China Daily
The livid ‘Rehab’ star reportedly stormed to London’s Southgate school on Monday (21.09.09) to confront a pupil who had been tormenting 13-year-old Dionne Bromfield.

A source said: “The altercation outside of the North London secondary school quickly turned sour when Amy began hurling abuse at the young accused bully and began spitting at her.”

Celebrity gossip blog I’m Not Obsessed added: “Amy’s tirade did not stop there, as witnesses say that the 26-year-old then went on to shout at a group of Dionne’s fellow students.”

The altercation was eventually stopped by a passer-by who managed to calm Amy down. The 26-year-old singer then agreed to sign autographs before leaving the school.

The website added: “The brawl was finally broken up by a concerned bystander. After signing some autographs for waiting fans, Amy was eventually persuaded to return home, much to the relief of Dionne’s fellow students.” Full story.


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