Texas High School Teacher Stabbed to Death

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A John Tyler High School stabbing has marred the school year. The John Tyler High School stabbing has also left a teacher dead, and a juvenile in custody after the incident on Wednesday morning. There aren’t a lot of details about the reported stabbing, but one fact remains, and that is that another public school teacher has fallen victim to violence on school grounds. It raises the thought that yet another school should have had safety precautions to avoid an incident such as this, and proponents of metal detectors and random school searches just got another incident to support their arguments.

The stabbing also led to a lockdown of the school for most of the morning, and the sad news has spread throughout the city already. Authorities on the scene don’t believe that students are in any further danger at this point, and the student in custody has not yet been identified. This is a good thing, but would have probably been the same response before the incident took place. It’s such a shame that something like this had to happen in order to bring attention back to school safety, and such a tragic way for things to play out. I can only hope that the juvenile that was arrested in this case faces some serious jail time for his actions, and not just a slap on the wrist at some detention center. Full story.


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