Alcohol poisoning prompts K-State hazing probe of Phi Delta Theta

By Lindsey Elliott News
Manhattan, Kansas — Sunday, a K-State freshman was found unresponsive at the off-campus fraternity Phi Delta Theta. After being taken to Mercy Regional Health Center, he was diagnosed with severe alcohol poisoning.

That student is back in classes now, but the incident is under investigation.

“It’s very simple,” Dean of Student Life Pat Bosco said. “If a student thinks it’s hazing, it’s hazing.”

Bosco says there is a strict no-hazing policy at the university, but if a student thinks they’ve been a victim of hazing, K-State will investigate.

Students Affairs administrators and a national officer are looking into the incident. If they believe it’s hazing, they’ll hold a hearing.

The punishment for hazing ranges from requiring education programs to expulsion of the fraternity.

“Hazing is not something we do here at K-State on a day to day basis,” Bosco said. “This is a very unusual circumstance. We have zero tolerance.” Full story.


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