Sacking this school bully whistleblower was pure evil

By Allison Pearson
The Daily Mail
When my daughter was being bullied a few years back, my first reaction was to storm up to the school and take it up in person with the little monster in question.

There is nothing that can rile you quite like the thought of your child being excluded or thumped at playtime by some budding psychopath.

It leaves you feeling weak with panic, yet at the same time fired up with a righteous fury that makes your average Tyrannosaurus Rex look like a hibernating gerbil.

So, as far as I’m concerned, Carol Hill is a complete heroine. School dinner lady Carol found seven-year-old Chloe David being bullied by four boys. Chloe had her hands tied above her head and was being whipped with a skipping rope. What was the game called – Abu Ghraib?

Carol, 61, rescued and comforted Chloe before marching the small torturers to the headmistress’s office. The parents of the four boys were notified and called in.

By contrast, Chloe’s parents, Scott and Claire, only got an accident notification letter saying that she had been hurt by a skipping rope. It was only when Carol Hill came up to them that same night and sympathised about the attack that they learned the truth.

And guess what Carol’s reward was for caring about her young charges? She has been sacked by Great Tey primary school in Essex for a ‘breach of confidentiality’.

Disgracefully, Chloe’s parents were not even allowed to speak on Mrs Hill’s behalf at the disciplinary hearing. Full story.

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