Mean Girls: Hazing Rampant at NJ’s Top High School

Excerpt from NBC New York
No more pushing, no more hooks, no more mean girls’ dirty looks.

The president of the Millburn Board of Education promised more than four dozen parents last night that district administrators would have to undertake sensitivity training and devise a plan within the next 60 days to combat hazing at Millburn High School.

Hazing at New Jersey’s top-ranked high school has been a longstanding problem — and the 2009-10 school year began with a fresh round of torment for ninth-grade girls.

On the first day of school, seniors distributed their annual “slut” list, defaming incoming freshmen girls to hundreds of students — a cruel practice that school officials admit they’ve known has existed for more than a decade, reports The New York Times.

Parents called the school to report their freshmen daughters were shoved into lockers, forced to wear camouflage shirts and had whistles blown in their faces by senior girls — hazing that had many of the children terrified to go to school the next day, or ever again.

“This is not acceptable behavior; it will not be tolerated,” Board President Noreen Brunini said of the most recent hazing, reports the Times. “This is the end of this.” Full story.


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