U of Georgia pledge alleges Pi Kappa frat hazing

Excerpt from Red and Black
An 18-year-old University student, who said members of his fraternity made him drink, plans to pursue hazing charges against the fraternity, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police report.

Ry Thomas Mercado, a pledge at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity according to the police report, was arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol early Thursday morning after vomiting in a taxi and refusing to pay.

When the arresting officer found Mercado, he noticed two IDs in Mercado’s wallet. When asked about the second ID, Mercado said he found it on the floor of Bourbon Street bar.

Because Mercado was too young to be admitted into the bar, the officer asked him how he got inside to obtain the second ID. Mercado then explained the ID belonged to a fraternity member.

The officer asked if Mercado had been drinking. Mercado explained he had been drinking as part of his pledgeship.

He later apologized to the officer for drinking underage and said the fraternity pressured him to drink, and he knew if he refused he would be kicked out.

Mercado said he didn’t want to get the fraternity in trouble, but when taken to jail he said he wanted to pursue hazing charges against the fraternity.

Trevor Brightwell, president of the Interfraternity Council, said the council was looking into the situation as of Thursday afternoon. Full story.


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