Belleville bus attack: Suspect’s dad says son provoked

By Betsey Bruce
Excerpt from
BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI – – A decision over whether to expel two Belleville West High School students over repeatedly punching a third teen during a school bus trip could come as soon as next Monday. Belleville District 201 Supt. Greg Moats said Wednesday both students would get opportunities to tell their versions of what happened to a hearing officer. The hearing officer will then make a recommendation to the full school board.

The attack, which was captured by a security video camera, happened after a student who had just boarded the morning bus moved a book bag closer to its owner and sat down in an aisle seat. The bag fell to the floor as the arriving student sat down. Within seconds the video tape shows the first occupant trying to push the second student off the seat and into the aisle. When he failed to leave, the first teen stood and began punching the other teen in the face.

A man who identified himself as the suspended student’s father told Fox Two News the student who boarded the bus provoked his son by pushing him three times and elbowing him. “My son reacted,” he said in a telephone interview. The father, who would only identify himself as “Joseph,” said, “if we’re having words and you put your hands on me well, then you’ve brought it on. So it takes two sides, not one like they’re saying.” Full story.


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