Belleville school bus attack now ruled bullying

By Nicholas J.C. Pistor
and Elizabethe Holland

BELLEVILLE, Missouri — A Belleville West High student was beaten for his choice of seat on a school bus, but not because of his race, police and others on the bus said on Tuesday.

The video of the incident made national headlines, erupted on the Internet and was a focus of talk radio after Belleville police initially suggested the student was attacked by two black students and taunted by others because the student is white. The department did an about-face on Tuesday as attention on the story intensified.

“The incident appears now to be more about a couple of bullies on a bus dictating where people sit,” said Belleville Police Capt. Don Sax, who originally said Monday’s attack had racial motivations.

Sax said his original comments were “premature.”

“It was my personal and emotional comment after only seeing the video briefly,” Sax said. Full story.

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