Charges for senior in Kansas locker-room hazing

Salina Journal
BELOIT, Kansas — Joe Studer, one of the Beloit High School football players being investigated for an alleged hazing, learned Friday he faces four misdemeanor charges.

Beloit Police Chief Ryan Stocker said Studer, 18, will be formally charged with criminal restraint, battery, assault and theft for his involvement in the incident Aug. 21 in a high school locker room.

A 14-year-old freshman football player, who has not been identified, had a muscle relaxant gel wiped on his body, causing injuries.

The charges against Studer could result in a maximum sentence of 43 months in Mitchell County Jail, Stocker said. Studer’s first appearance in court is expected within two weeks.

“He is expected to plead guilty to all four charges,” Stocker said. “At that time, the judge will hear recommendations for the sentencing of Studer. Ultimately, the judge should be the one to decide what the sentence will be.”

The police department’s investigation continues, Stocker said, and another Beloit High School student could face charges. Other developments in the case could be announced as early as Tuesday. Full story.


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