Bullied UK teen hanged himself over ongoing teasing

Daily Mail
Michael Miller, 16, was picked on for being a loner and for his height, a troubled teenager who had been tormented by bullies for more than 10 years committed suicide on the day before receiving his GCSE results.

Miller was picked on by playground bullies for being a loner when he was young and more recently was teased for being 6ft 2in tall, his distraught mother said. It affected him so badly that he only attended school part-time and went to a special unit for victims of bullies.

Despite his past problems his family didn’t realise the torment he was still going through during the summer holidays and he seemed outwardly happy on the day he died.

But his mother Helen Miller, 42, found her ‘gentle giant’ son hanging at the family home in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, on 26 August.

He had not left a note or diary revealing his motives, but friends told Mrs Miller that bullying was probably to blame.

Mrs Miller, a full-time mother, said: ‘It was only through his school friends telling us that they thought he was still getting some grief at school that we found out.

‘Michael was very tall for his age at 6ft 2in. Kids used to tease him about it all the time and he did manage to laugh it off most of the time but I think sometimes it used to get to him. Full story.


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