Yazhoo County High girl may face adult charges over gun

Jackson Clarion Ledger
The 14-year-old Yazoo County High School student who pulled out a gun on a bus full of students meets the criteria to be charged as an adult, Yazoo County District Attorney James Powell said.

“Because the crime was committed with a gun and she is over 13, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over her,” Powell said Wednesday.

School officials said they do not know what prompted the student to board the school bus this week with a pistol.

The girl reportedly said she was bullied, but Assistant Superintendent Mickey Rivers said she did not approach her teachers about it. Rivers said the girl transferred to Yazoo County this year from a school in Durant.

“Every one of her teachers said she just sat in class and never talked to anybody,” he said.

In investigating Tuesday’s incident, Rivers said one of the girl’s cousins said someone threw paper at her as she exited the bus Monday evening, but it did not appear to anger her. “Her cousin said she even turned around and grinned,” he said.

Security camera footage shows the girl standing in the aisle of the bus loading an ammunition clip into the .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol before erupting into a torrent of threats and profanity. Footage shows children piling out of the bus as the girl waves the pistol.

Thank goodness for Kaleb Eulls, Rivers said. Full story.


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