Wake of Yazoo: Experts answer “What makes bully tick?”

By Nick Guillory
SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) — A bus ride that turned terrifying for some 20 elementary school students earlier this week highlights the potential for bullying to turn deadly.

Mississippi authorities said a 14-year old girl pulled out a pistol after being picked on, in the newly released surveillance video you can see how she reacts in a rage.

Psychologists said bullying is preventable. Football quarterback — Kaleb Eulls — diffused the situation when the girl pulled out a .380 semi-automatic pistol and tried to get the driver to pull over.

“I guess she just glanced off the bus for one second and I just launched at her and got the gun away from her and ran out the backdoor and disarmed it, Eulls said.

Like the incident on the Mississippi school bus doctors said every incident is different and the key to prevention is education.

“If you’ve got kids it’s going to happen — and if you don’t have a system for being aware of it or respond to it than you’re going to have some kids who are going to over respond excessively and violently,” Dr. Bruce McCormick, Ph.D., MP said. Full story.


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