Gretna High School dad, son protest school bullying

Reporter: Ashley Singh
Producer: Amy Foster

ABC 13 Virginia News
Pittsylvania Co., VA — A Pittsylvania County man and his son were protesting outside Gretna High school on Thursday- against bullying. Howard King’s two sons were suspended from school for three days.

They say another student was picking on them, and in retaliation, King’s son says he shouted a racial slur. King says his son deserved to be suspended, but he didn’t deserve to be bullied.

Howard King spent most the day outside Gretna High School holding a sign.

“They railroad these kids. They push ’em in a crack and they step on ’em,” Howard said.

King says his kids have had to deal with bullying for years. “I’ve had to put him on medication. I’ve sent him to psychiatrists I’m tired of this!”

His son, David was in class when he says a student threatened to beat up his younger brother. “I spoke up and said no that your not that if you mess with him you mess with me first that you don’t pick on my little brother,” David said. Full story.


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