Alameda SERVE wants recall of school trustees

By Lucinda Ryan
Alameda County Mercury News
Alameda, Calif. — Members of a group called SERVE Alameda, which is working to recall three school trustees, said at a town-hall meeting Saturday theirs is not a “hate group.”

SERVE (Seeking Equity and Respect for all Viewpoints in Education) said Neil Tam, Tracy Jensen and Ron Mooney conducted their duties undemocratically because they ignored parents’ requests to opt out of anti-bullying curriculum for kindergartners through fifth-graders. In particular, SERVE objects to the addition of an anti-bullying lesson on lesbian, gay and transgender families and individuals.

The Rev. Dion Evans said lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people deserve love and respect. But, he said, schools are “not for socializing and they’re certainly not for indoctrination.”

The group’s brochure states that young and impressionable minds must be protected to preserve their innocence. The Lesson 9 plan includes a vocabulary list, which, at grade four, includes the words gay, lesbian and the acronym “LGBT.”

Between 30 and 40 people attended the presentation. Full story.


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