Anti-bullying program: Speaking out against school bullies

WV Metro News
One out of every four West Virginia students say they’ve feared going to school because they’d be bullied. The statistic comes from a 2007 study and has prompted one group to take a step in the right direction.
Step by Step, a community service group, debuted an anti-bullying poster Monday in Charleston. It features nine people with their mouths erased and the message ‘It is time to find our voices and speak out against bullying!’

Tanya Huff, the Bullying Awareness and Prevention Coordinator for Step by Step, says they’re reaching out to the community. “We’re trying to empower the bystanders because they’re the ones who see it, they’re the ones who are involved in it and they’re the ones who can make a difference,” Huff said. ”They have more power than they realize.”

Huff says many times simple bullying can lead to violence that involves a weapon. That’s why it’s so important for those stepping into a bullying situation to take a non-aggressive approach. “They are not feeding the bullies,” she said. “They’re not giving the bullies what they want, the arguing, the fight. They’re walking away and helping the victim.” Full story.


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